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Zepar (Dungeon)
Zepar's Dungeon (AoS)
Kanji ゼパル
Rōmaji Zeparu
Dungeon Statistics
Djinn Zepar
Number 16th
Located In Heliohapt Kingdom
Conquered By Serendine
Time Took To Conquer
Manga Magi: Night 33
AoS: Night 92

Zepar (ゼパル, Zeparu) is the sixteenth Dungeon to appear. Zepar was conquered by Serendine and her prize for completing this Dungeon was the Djinn Zepar.


Zepar appeared in Heliohapt Kingdom's royal tomb, causing troubles for the succession since the name of the rightful heir is carved into the sarcophagus of the deceased king. Furthermore, the royal tomb is the most sacred place in Heliohapt and the place where the formal investiture of the new king is supposed to take place. Numerous soldiers were sent to investigate it, but not a single one ever came back.[1]





  1. AoS: Night 92


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