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Zepar Alma Torran
Biographical Information
Kanji ゼパル
Rōmaji Zeparu
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Male
Dungeon Capturer Sinbad
Household Members Pisti
Metal Vessel Ring (middle finger)
Magic Type Sound Magic
Dungeon 16th Dungeon
Occupation Household Member (former)
Affiliation Alma Torran (former)
Manga Debut Night 215 (flashback)
Anime Debut
Japanese VA
English VA
Cantonese VA
Korean VA

Zepar (ゼパル, Zeparu) is one of Sinbad's seven Djinn. He is a sound Djinn. Zepar was in the 16th Dungeon.




Zepar used to live in Alma Torran and was part of King Solomon's Household

Zepar, along with the rest of the Djinn, were created by King Solomon from Rukh.


Second Sindria Arc

Alma Torran Arc


Sound Control

Zepar has the ability to control the 6th type of Magic, Sound.
  • Djinn Equip
  • Metal Vessel
  • Djinn Equip (Anime)

Dungeon Capturer

Zepar's Dungeon Capturer is Sinbad.


A member of Zepar's Household is Pisti.

Metal Vessel

Zepar's Metal Vessel is a ring that Sinbad wears on his right middle finger. The ring has a small Seal of Solomon on it, like all other metal vessels.

Djinn Equip

In this form, Sinbad has the appearance of a small imp with dragon wings, hooves, two pairs of horns, a furry tail, and a third eye. His voice also becomes childlike.

In this form, he is able to perform an incredibly loud scream, via Sound Magic, that is able to "command" others into doing something. When used on Kougyoku, he told her mind to sleep. Sinbad has stated that because it is a tasteless move, it affects everyone in the vicinity to some degree. Not only can he do that, but he can also control other people's minds by using a special type of sound wave. He does this by forcing his own rukh into their body. Sinbad had done this with Kougyoku during their fight and to two other unknown people, one of whom Sinbad stated lives in his territory. He says he does this so that he can know everything in the world. This was the reason that he could come out with countermeasures against the Kou empire so quickly..



  • His name is probably taken from the book The Lesser Key of Solomon. In the first section of this book, entitled Ars Goetia, several demons are described, Zepar being the sixteenth. As a matter of fact, the dungeon where Zepar resided was the 16th as well.


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