Zagan (Dungeon)
Zagan (dungeon)
Kanji ザガン
Rōmaji Zagan
Dungeon Statistics
Djinn Zagan
Number 61st
Located In Southwest of Sindria
Conquered By Hakuryuu Ren
Time Took To Conquer Approximately 2 years
Manga Night 87
Anime Episode 20

Zagan (ザガン, Zagan) is the sixty first Dungeon to appear. Zagan was conquered by Hakuryuu Ren and his prize for completing this Dungeon was the Djinn Zagan.


Zagan appeared 2 years ago. It was located on the Torran Tribe Island, southwest of Sindria. Up until the point of Hakuryuu Ren capturing it, it would attack and drag any person who walked near it.


Sindria Arc

The Dungeon was first mentioned by Sinbad when he asked Aladdin, Alibaba Saluja, Morgiana and later Hakuryuu Ren to capture it.

Zagan Arc


Turtle Monsters
Turtle Monsters
Mouse Monsters
Mouse Monsters
Sunflower Monsters
Sunflower Monsters
Pig Monsters
Pig Monsters


Color 104
Background shows scenery of Zagan's Dungeon
Zagan 'legend'
Zagan's eating people mystery


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