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New Wiki Pages:

Wiki Editors:

  • Beckeckle -
  • Brandon2505 * Takeruhiko Yamato's appearance and trivia, list of video game collocations, David Jehoahaz Abraham's relationship with Sinbad and deleted plagiarized personality section
  • ClaireRhods - Divine Gate images
  • Fabio2345 - User lurks and edits after Mell updates and adds new manga chapters and does minor updates to Story Arcs and Manga
  • Hansenlinlin - user provided Sinbad fanbook clues
  • Ishinigame - minor grammar edits
  • Juanito316 - Djinn Trivia
  • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar - manga & story arcs, mug shots, Magi Ch. 326, 327,328, 329 summaries, AoS Ch. 122 summaries
  • Raigerzero - Yamraiha's Trivia
  • Ryukimura - minor grammar edits
  • StarChii - attempts to fix grammar only to be corrected by Brandon
  • Takashichea - list of video game collaborations,, AoS fanbook, added temp details for David's personality, Ch. 310 312, 317 summary, height references for AoS characters, fair use to various images,
  • Yukine14 - minor edits to Ja'far's page; however, use didn't add refs and led to a dispute which ended in a


  • VideoGamePhenom - spamming ads
  • Ja'far's advisor and relationship with Rurumu by Yukine14 - the disputes was handled in a compromise by Taka and then another discussion by Brandon when user tried to delete said edits and misread Taka's compromise.
  • MilaRed's weird image upload
  • Frostsplash with stats
  • Fuyumiirisu01 with bizarre birthday edits
  • Kjlmlianna with Serendine's name
  • Chibanamio didn't provide ref for Kouha Ren's Chinese and Japanese meanings which was caused by Shinrakugin who changed red to crimson without leaving refs
  • Yummybomb - banned for making racist comments towards Muslims in the comment sections

Wiki Data

  • Total Pages: 1,190
  • Total Files: 4,895
  • Average Edits Per Page: 4.01

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