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New Wiki Pages:

  • Adventure of Sinbad: Night 125-128
  • Magi Night 332
  • Magi Vol 32
  • Life goes on

Wiki Editors:

  • Blademagic: minor edits to Aladdin's allies
  • ChronicleHunter: fixed grammar for episodes 1, 2, and 4
  • Dammitmagiruinedme added Naunami's plot/appearance, personality w/o refs
  • Dragonus Nesha: added Kanji and Chapter Titles for AoS 92-95, 96-100, 102, created Night 332 page, help with Nanaumi's links and grammar
  • DarkJohn75 : grammar fix on Ahbmad
  • Fabio2345: lurking and updating manga and story arcs
  • Ryukimura : Falan's relationship with Wahid
  • Juanito316 fixed Falan's Wikipedia cross links
  • JSOwen: Added Nerva's final arc details
  • LeafNinjaGoku: minor edit to Magic page which feels unnecessary
  • L002: Arba's relationship w/ Sinbad
  • LuisYKW12: minor edits with Arba and Judar's battle events and Kougyoku's allies
  • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar
    • Updated Final Arc, Magi (Manga), Story Arcs, Mediawiki Navigator bar, RencentAoS Chapter, Ren Family Tree
    • minor edits to Household members
    • Found new source and fixed heights for Kougyoku Ren, Judar, Hakuryuu Ren, Morgiana, Alibaba Saluja
    • Added chapters for Vol. 32
    • Added Kou Princess mugshots
    • Created AoS Ch. 125-128
  • Redzoro92: Vepar and Focalor trivia
  • Sayla Ryougetsuten: minor edit to Aladdin's enemies
  • Takashichea
    • fixed Dammitmagiruinedme's edits to Nanaumi and rewrote details with refs as well as expand Kou Empire Arc
    • Added Mell's scan for Height chart to their characters
    • minor refs for Masrur and Hakuryuu Ren
    • Fixed Arba's relationship with Sinbad
    • created Life goes on page
  • Waleed Baqeer adding Sahsa's Bindi trivia

Thank you to the wiki editors for helping out.


  • Final Arc Template - decided to relegate to mods only since past wiki editors don't follow the rules in updating it such as Fabio
  • HaiiroInu2215 - created questionable templates and pages called Callista Erebus
  • MonsterBoy5000 - questionable comments
  • L002, Dammitmagiruinedme, and JSOwen - needs help with adding refs

Wiki Data

  • Total Pages: 1,201
  • Total Files: 4,962
  • Average Edits Per Page: 3.99

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