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New Wiki Pages:

  • Magi Night 334-339
  • AoS: Volume 12

Wiki Editors:

  • ClaireRhods: added Kougyoku Ren cards that were renamed by Taka,
  • Dragonus Nesha: Magic Navbox, created Night 334-336, Thalg Hajar and Thalg Al-Salos Kanji
  • Fabio2345: minor edits to manga, story arcs, Night 337
  • LuisYKW12: help with vandalism
  • Juanito316: fixed Template:W1
  • Konekotama-shi : Gyokuen Ren's personality
  • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar
    • Updated Final Arc, Magi (Manga), Story Arcs
    • created Night 338-339
    • renamed all Sharrar to Shallall pages; Magic Navbox
    • added Night 335-336 summaries
    • minor edits to Southern Creatures, Djinn Equip
  • Shinrakugin: Changed Kassim to Cassim for Balbadd Arc
  • SYSdrago : minor edits to Borg
  • Takashichea: added deleted Gyokuen Ren's personality paragraph from Konekotama's edits to Arba; removed speculation edits, minor edits to Reim Empire, Hakuryuu Ren's drinking trivia
    • replaced watermarked images; could not replace watermarked gifs
    • added minor refs to Yunan, Scheherazade, Matal
    • added Night 334-335 summaries
    • added Judar and Nerva's final arc details
  • The Queen-sama : minor edits to Sinbad
  • ZeldaStudent: minor edits to Reim Empire, expanded Sindria Trading Company history

Thank you to the wiki editors for helping out.


  • we had two cases of vandalism along with user harassment cases
  • Nubeviolet adding manga volumes too early
  • Pedro Wing Rex 00 - uploading JPG images, watermarked GIFs, not putting fair use rationale

Wiki Data

  • Total Pages: 1,210
  • Total Files: 4,969
  • Average Edits Per Page: 4.00

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