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New Wiki Pages:

  • Adventure of Sinbad: Night 123-124
  • Magi Night 330-331

Wiki Editors:

  • Brandon2505 working on switch template, finding Aladdin's height, Gyokuen's unnamed siblings, working on List of Video Game Collaborations ‎
  • Juanito316 helping Taka learn how to make Wikipedia cross links
  • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar working on character sandbox project, updating chapters' volume links, added summaries for AoS  123-124 and Magi Ch 330-331
  • Takashichea working on adding references, adding AoS English voices, transferring images for Magi: Dungeon & Magic and List of Video Game Collaborations, working on minor details for David, Aladdin, and Marga
  • Waleed Baqeer adding Sahsa's Bindi trivia


Wiki Data

  • Total Pages: 1,193
  • Total Files: 4,943
  • Average Edits Per Page: 4.00

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