• The slight spelling change of Alma Toran has been done for the following reason:

    It is possible that アルマ・トラン comes from Arabic 3ālam Ṭurran (عالم طُرّاً), which roughly translates to "The World in its entirety". Therefore, I suggested that a second "r" should be added to "Toran". So: Alma Torran.

    FUTHERMORE: Rather than 3ālam, it is also possible that アルマ comes from the Arabic word أرومة‎ Arūma(t), meaning "source/origin/root/beginning/etc". However, since the nature of アルマ・トラン is still unknown, it isn't clear which is better. If future details points towards Arūma(t) being the more appropriate source, then the spelling of アルマ・トラン will be changed again to Aruma Torran. But as I said, there isn't enough evidence to warrent that change yet.

    What seems clear now is that トラン comes from Arabic Ṭurran (طُرّاً). 

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    • Thanks!

      I think that it is possible that アルマ comes from the word you mentioned, since Alma Torran is a world which was /before/. It is /original/ world, and the current one was created later, thus: origin, root, beginning. But "The World in its entirety" also seems right, oh God. I wonder when we'll be given more details about it though, no matter how you look at it, they only mentioned it and that's all. Ah, Ohtaka should compile a guidebook to all names and there's no problem.

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    • Hi, just wondering, do you know why Sense uses "Toran" again?

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    • Typo. I corrected the google doc we used to "Torran", but the proofreader (a new guy) seemed to be used to the old spelling and was unaware of the new spelling (since the difference is pretty small), so it seems he reverted my corrections. Sorry for the late response. So "Torran" is still the correct spelling.

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    • Thank you!

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    • Etymology for Alma Torran has now been clarified by details given in chapter 215. King Solomon sought to unite all the races under one common set of laws (and leadership too I suppose), creating "Utopia" (as Alma Torran's kanji states). The etymology now written in the trivia section makes reference to the all-encompassing nature of this "world"....And also as a result of us having a clear etymology, the spelling "Alma Torran" is now definiately the best possible spelling (unless the author releases a book with a different spelling arbitrarily, although etymology-wise, Alma Torran should be the best spelling).

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