• Do you guys think that Partevia is based on Ancient Persia? The evidences are (1) Ancient Persia was a country that had a border with the Roman Republic/Empire and had a series of conflicts with them, like the Reim-Partevia conflict(s). (2) Several individuals from Partevia have names that ancient or modern Iranian have, such as (Sindbad, Badr, Zamil, Tabi --> thought admitedly, these names exist in Arabic as well). (3) SUBJECTIVE Many other Partavians have names that, if not ever in use in Persia/Iran, seem to be modeled after Persian-type names, such as: Zurmudd, Serendine (a name already used in other anime/manga/games and possibly may be a real name - though I can't find it - that seems to derive from the word "Serendipty", which is a word that came through Persian سراندیپ sarândip), and Davashadil IV (just look at the list of Persian kings and...maybe you see some kind of similarities? At the very least, the names seem long in general, which is a dumb way to judge things, I know.). (4) SUBJECTIVE It seems (to the untrained eye at least), that the symbol on the Partavia page may have Persian influence (the wings attached in that way maybe, just maybe, derive/come from the Faravahar - though I have not yet found a Persian symbol with winged soldier as of yet).

    Edit: A BIG ONE. (5) I just found out that the Persian Parthian Empire's name came from the Old Persian word Parthava, meaning the adjective "Parthian ". One valid way of writing "Parthava" in Japanese is as パルタバ Parutaba, which is very close to パルテビィア (literally just change the "a"-sound タ to an "e"-sound テ and add the super-common "-ia" ending).

    So  I would like to hear what you guys think about the idea of Ancient Persia being the basis of Partevia. I think it is likely and, unlike Magnostadt, doesn't have any supports that are based in controversial issues.

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