Slime (スライム, Suraimu) are a type of Monster that is indigenous to labyrinths. They are shapeless organisms. They don't seem very strong, but they can manipulate their shape to mimic others and boost their own fighting strength. The slime can come together and form a King Slime. In the anime, as being labyrinth creatures of the Dungeon, Amon, they are capable of spewing fire from their mouths.


  • Slime Eggs in the anime
  • King Slime breathing fire in the anime
  • King Slime breathing fire in the anime
  • Ugo versus King Slime in the anime
  • Slime encountered by Jamil and Goltas in the anime
  • Manga Version
  • King Slime copying Alibaba Saluja
  • King Slime vs Ugo
  • Ugo defeating King Slime
  • Slime copying Ugo



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