Sinbad vs Ithnan is the fight between Sinbad, the King of Sindria, and Ithnan, a member of Al-Thamen.


After Ithnan uses Curse Magic on Sinbad and Alibaba Saluja, Sinbad orders Yamraiha to prepare a Teleportation Magic Circle so he can follow him.


Sinbad orders Ithnan to release the curse magic on Alibaba, but when he declines, he activates his Djinn Equip, Focalor. Ithnan uses Black Rukh to manipulate Sinbad, but soon notices his body was cursed before, and this time it wasn't strong enough to do any more harm. Sinbad then uses his Extreme Magic, Foraz Zora, which summons two tornadoes, and destroys Ithnan's body.


Ithnan body is destroyed, but a part of him is still in Alibaba's mind as a curse. There, he confronts Aladdin, who finally makes him disappear with Wisdom of Solomon.


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