Shallal Rasas (水弾シャラール・ラサース Sharāru Rasāsu, "Water Bullet") is a magic tool used by Umm Madaura's Crew. It uses Water Magic that releases a blast of water shaped like a bullet, which is capable of blasting people several feet away. It can be hidden to look as if it is a sword.

This tool was later modified to create blades made out of water so Umm Madaura's crew of pirates could use the swordmanship they were taught by Sharrkan.


Sharer Lakes
In the manga
Sharer Lakes1
Sharer Lakes2
Sharer Lakes3
Hidden as a sword


  • The name of this tool is a corruption of the Arabic phrase رَصاص شلّال Raṣāṣ Shallāl, meaning "Waterfall Bullet".



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