Shallal Raqesa (真実の水人形劇 (シャラール・ラケーサ), Sharāru.Rakēsa, Water People Play of Truth) is a Composite Magic that combines both Water Magic and Clairvoyance Magic that makes the Rukh show things that cannot be seen, faraway places, and events of the past. It uses the blood of the people involved to show their Rukh. When this Magic is used, the water is shaped into the people involved and acts out whatever situation that is being discussed.


Sharal Rakesa
In the manga


  • The name of this spell is a corruption of the Arabic phrase رَقص شلّال Raqṣ Shallāl, which translates to "Waterfall Dance". The "dance" probably refers to the "play" that is put on by the figures created by this magic.


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