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Rurumu (ルルム, Rurumu) was the wife of Hinahoho. She was the daughter of the Chief of the Imuchakk Tribe, Rametoto.


Rurumu's design anime
Rurumu's character design in the anime
Rurumu (2)
Rurumu's full appearance

In her tribe, Rurumu was considered the most beautiful of all the other girls and one of Imuchakk's finest warriors. She has a somewhat strong build, and she is a bit taller than Hinahoho. She is usually wearing a Imuchakk headband over her head and has long wavy teal-blue hair.


Initially, Rurumu seems very anxious and worried for her friends, upon meeting Sinbad she is shown to be a very kind and patient woman, and somewhat open minded as she accepts him immediately. She is fairly strict however, particularly in her teaching style, although she seems to be a great teacher as she is able to teach Ja'far and Sinbad to read, write, and behave properly in most common situations in just a few months time.

She is generally a kind and respectful person, who cares a great deal about her friends and family, although she is also very clever and protective of her friends, to the point where if provoked sufficiently in this way she will not hesitate to socially, and legally destroy someone to protect them.


Not much is known about her prior to her appearance in the Imuchakk arc, although it can be presumed that she spent her days studying extensively and training to become a warrior, she also at some point became acquainted with Hinahoho and promised to marry him.


Imuchakk Arc

Adventure of Sinbad
The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.

Rurumu's first appearance is in Imuchakk, during a flashback where she tells Hinahoho that she is not allowed to marry him until he becomes a warrior. Then, after he returns from Valefor's dungeon, she comes to meet with him, and asks to accompany him in his departure from Imuchakk. She then accompanies both Sinbad and Hinahoho to meet with her father, in hopes of gaining his blessing for their marriage and her departure from Imuchakk, which ends successfully. [3]

Reim Empire Arc

After departing Imuchakk, Rurumu is seen teaching Ja'far and Sinbad on:proper etiquette, manners, and educating them. Even displaying her skill in cooking as she cooks a meal for the two, taking the opportunity to teach them proper table manners as well. [4]

One month later, the group reaches the Reim Empire, Sinbad opens up a shop, only to have been shut down for not having a license to operate. Sinbad signs a contract to another merchant to sell their items in exchange for money, which ends in further failure as the man resells all the items for five times the profit. Sinbad sends everyone back to Imuchakk with all the money but saves three copper coins. [4]

Ja'far complains about how he'd rather be in Reim with Sinbad since Rurumu is still pushing him to study. Rurumu explains to Ja'far that she knows it's difficult for him to study, but he must work hard in order to repay Sinbad for the chance of a new life. Then, she announces that she is pregnant with Hinahoho's child, but explains to Ja'far that if they were related by blood, it wouldn't mean that she wouldn't be strict and only be loving or even if she's strict, it doesn't mean she hates him. Then, she refers to Ja'far as her "first child", despite not knowing him for long, she loves him as her own - which moves Ja'far to tears. She collapses and mentions that she's about to go into labour at any second, saying that Imuchakk children grow quickly in their mothers' wombs, so it is possible to give birth within a few months. Then, she states that Ja'far will be her child's big brother and she will teach Ja'far on midwifery. [5]

A few months later, the group returns to the Reim Empire with the cargo, and Ja'far is seen being tormented by Rurumu's and Hinahoho's son, Kikiriku, as he was instructed to watch over him. [6]

Slave arc




Before Hinahoho went to conquer the dungeon, she seemed to like him and happily accepted his hand in marriage. Although Hinahoho loves his wife dearly, there are times when she frightens him. She seems to love him deeply, so much so that she loved him even though he was once ostracized for not becoming a warrior, and loved him enough to brave an audience with her father for his sake.


Soon after meeting Ja'far, she immediately took it upon herself to tutor him. She was a strict but efficient teacher, instructing him in reading, writing, proper speech and social behavior, and also helped him break out of a few of his Sham Lash induced habits. Moreover, she quickly adopts him as her son, claiming that she loves him very dearly, and is strict on him because she wants to help him improve, because she views him as her son. As he progresses, she is shown to be very proud of him, and to trust him fully and completely, as she is the first to have faith in his plan to rescue Sinbad from Maader umm mariadel. She is not just his tutor or adoptive mother, but she is also at one point his partner in rescuing Sinbad, and along with her other children, he is among the people for which she cares most deeply.


Rurumu respects Sinbad as her husband does and treats him as if he were family. Although she is not as lenient with him when she begins to teach him how to read and write, she is less strict with him than she is with her children.


  • She is said to be one of Imuchakk's most accomplished warriors.
  • Although said to be perfect by the rest of her tribe, she is portrayed as a fairly humble individual.
  • While most of her tribe seems to have amber/gold eyes, her eyes are apparently green.
  • According to her father, 320 men have proposed to her, including Hinahoho, however he was the only person who thought to actually include her in said proposal.


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