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Rashid Saluja (ラシッド・サルージャ, Rashiddo.Sarūja) was the 22nd King of Balbadd. He wanted his son, Alibaba Saluja to become King. He died during the Fog Troupe's initial attack on Balbadd's palace.


Rashid AoS
In Adventure of Sinbad
In Magi
He was a tall man of large build. He had long blond hair, a goatee, and wrinkles on his face. He wore a royal robe.


He was a wise man. He had also loved Anise, but could not be with her.


Sword to Sinbad
The King had met Anise, while she worked as a maid in the Balbadd Palace. They became lovers and she had Alibaba.[2]

The King had met Sinbad. When Sindria was just being established, Rashid taught him a lot. Once Sinbad experienced a battle where he hurt his country and its residents, he gave him a sword from the King's family as an encouragement to pull himself together when he lost his way.[3]

Years later, after Anise had died, he went to the slums and told Alibaba that he was his father. Even though Alibaba was dubious about it, since his mother was a harlot, he insisted, explaining who she was. He then took Alibaba to the palace.[4] Some time later, he accompanied Alibaba to the practice lesson of the economy outside of class, where Alibaba first managed to be successful with trade negotiation alone. Using the profit he earned, Alibaba bought a knife, which would later become his first vessel. Rashid told Alibaba that his country is the trading centre and he should depend on himself to comprehend the secrets of trading. He left him with words to continue learning at this pace.[5] Years later, he had become weaker and told Alibaba that he wanted him to become the next king.[6] He died when Cassim and his men had invaded the palace.[7]


Reim Arc

Adventure of Sinbad
The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.

Balbadd Arc

The following information has to do with the main manga series Magi.
Rashid Anise
Rashid's Rukh is brought back by Aladdin using Wisdom of Solomon. Together with Anise, he comes to see Alibaba. He then heads towards his older sons, Ahbmad and Sahbmad where he wordlessly expresses his disappointment in how Balbadd was ruled; the two brothers had fully understood their deceased father's dissatisfaction. [8]

Sindria Arc

When Sinbad gives Alibaba a new sword for his Metal Vessel, he reveals that Alibaba's father had given him the sword and some advice about ruling a country.[9]


Royal Swordplay

As a member of Balbadd's Royal Family, he must have known Royal Swordplay since he gave Balbadd's Royal sword to Sinbad.


Alibaba Saluja

Alibaba is his third son and the one he wanted to be the next king.


Anise was a maid that had worked in the palace until they met and she became his lover. Before he died, he said to Alibaba that he really loved Anise.[10]

Ahbmad Saluja

Ahbmad is his oldest son and the one who became King after he died.

Sahbmad Saluja

Sahbmad is his second son.


  • This character was first named on the anime site. His name did not appear in the manga until Night 203.
  • In the original, One Thousand and One Nights there is a recurring character called Caliph Harun al-Rashid, who was a real person.
  • Rashīd (رشيد) means Rightly Guided in Arabic.
  • Despite only one lover of his being known, in Night 203 Alibaba suggests that Rashid might have been quite a womaniser.
  • In the anime Sinbad no Bouken, he gives his name to Sinbad as Harun.


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