Ogres (オーガ Ōga) are a species of humanoid monsters that once lived in Alma Torran. They used to kill and eat humans before they were wiped out by Ill Ilah.


Ogres are tall creatures that dress wearing small scraps of cloth, and pots around their waist. They carry around spears and pikes with them as weapons when killing humans. Ogres have humanoid features such as their arms, legs and eyes. The only exception being that they possess four arms and four eyes. Ogres also seem to lack a head, with their eyes and mouths being on their torsos. One small feature that Ogres bore was mushroom like growths on the shoulders.


Not much is known about the history of Ogres. What is known is that they were one of the original species living in Alma Torran. Ogres seemed to be an aggressive species that would hunt down and kill humans for food. Causing humans to decrease down to 500 in terms of population. 800 years before Solomon was born Ogres were wiped out by Ill Ilah.[1]


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