The Other Species (異種族, Ishuzoku) is Night 217 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

Characters in bold denote the character's proper appearance.
Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


Magic in bold denotes the magic's first appearance.



Sheba once again finds herself surrounded by lively members of Solomon's resistance. Ugo asks her to forgive Solomon's rudeness but she completely rejects this idea. Later, Sheba participates in the mission to retrieve another Divine Staff and is amazed that the mountain itself is moving. Ugo explains that it's a Magical Tool he devised, powered by Ithnan's and others' Lightning Magic. Then, Ugo, Setta, Falan and Wahid proceed to explain in details what the Divine Staves are. Just then, the group reaches a continental rift and is unable to continue the journey for the moment, as it would take 20 days to fly to the next continent. Ugo and Ithnan start fighting but Solomon calms them down, flattering both of them. Solomon then tells everyone to greet the residents of the territory they are: the Manticores. Sheba is frightened as they are the monsters she met the day before.

Sheba smiling

The group is allowed to enter Manticores' village. Solomon is very happy to be able to learn more of their culture and tries to communicate with them despite not understanding their language at all. Sheba notices that their village looks just like human's which is strange, considering how uncivilized, stupid creatures they are. Ugo points out that it's only because of her magic and since they're not affected by it now, they also understand that humans and Manticores are equal species. Sheba insists that he's completely wrong as what he's saying contradicts the church's teachings. Her thoughts are interrupted by one of the Manticores, who apologizes to her for what he did before. Since they cannot talk with words, the Manticore draws a poor picture of Magician, so Sheba redo it for him. He then adds a flower to it, making Sheba realize that she was supposed to wear this flower. However, it's too heavy for her to wear and falls down. The Manticore starts smiling brightly and soon enough, Sheba does the same. With smiling Solomon watching over them, the two starts happily playing together.


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