Alibaba's Household (アリババの眷属, Aribaba no Kenzoku) is Night 202 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

Characters in bold denote the character's proper appearance.
Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


Magic in bold denotes the magic's first appearance.


Former pirates

Alibaba is spacing out, although he denies feeling unwell. Morgiana recalls the talk she had with him yesterday, with Toto and Olba eavesdropping them. Alibaba confessed that he is a little scarred of going to Balbadd. Back in Reim, he was looking for a way to enter his country, but heard nothing of a bad government. He said that even though he knows it's selfish of him, he still wants a role where he can do something, no matter what. He feels like there is no meaning for him to have a Metal Vessel and that's inexcusable. Morgiana is worried, but her thoughts are interrupted by the attack of the pirates. Olba's group thinks that they are perfect match for the fellow 'trash'. They want to do something to make this kind of 'trash' disappear from the world, and in order to do that, they should repay their benefactor, Alibaba. He denies doing anything, as he couldn't give them a place to stay nor the things to eat, but Toto comments that he doesn't understand and tells him that the gladiators he freed were the same as them, he gave them hope. As they come to an understanding concerning Alibaba, they are both granted the powers of his Household. They finish the pirates off with their newly obtained Amol Ahmor-Ghameq.

During the celebrations, Morgiana tells Alibaba that she is glad that he has more allies now. She mentions that they really adore him and he is going there alone after all. Then, Toto and Olba announce that they started dating, much to Alibaba's shock.


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