Day of the Journey (旅立ちの日, Tabidachi no Hi) is Night 17 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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No magic appeared in this chapter.


After leaving the Dungeon Amon, Alibaba became a new master of the town in Jamil's place, making others kiss up to him. However, Alibaba's thoughts are still absent without Aladdin. Then, Morgiana comes to him. They talk about Alibaba's reason for feeding all the slaves and their future. After hearing about what Morgiana wants to do, he encourages her to keep walking and thanks her after hearing that she wants to return to her homeland, making her think about the meaning behind these words. After that, Alibaba sets out to Balbadd. In a very faraway place, Aladdin is found unconscious. In another place, Baba tells the children the story about the Rukh. Then, Aladdin is brought to her by the Kouga Clan's men.