Place That Strains Life (命張る場所, Inochi Haru Basho) is Night 12 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Alibaba and Aladdin are searching through the palace to find the treasure. After searching for a while, they give up and leave the palace. They run into a wounded Goltas, and when Alibaba tries to attack him, Aladdin stops Alibaba. Then, Morgiana attacks Alibaba, and she then runs towards Aladdin. When Alibaba gets up and faces Jamil, he notices Jamil is acting strange. While Aladdin and Morgiana are fighting, Jamil's mind is preoccupied with the monsters that attacked him earlier. Alibaba insults Jamil, and two men begin to confront each other in a duel. Jamil mocks Alibaba and remarks how he is the better fighter. Jamil attempts to attack Alibaba several times, but Alibaba dodges every attack. When Jamil wonders where Alibaba learned his style of swordplay, a bit of Alibaba's history is revealed. His mother was a prostitute in Balbadd, who died of an unknown sickness. After the death of his mother, he started to mix in with the wrong crowd until a man came to get him. At the age of 10, Alibaba was taught many things such as language, economics, and swordplay. The King of Balbadd has two sons but had to find a third one due to hard times. Alibaba is then revealed to be the illegitimate son of the king and had an advantage due to his royal bloodline.

A certain event is hinted at that lead to Alibaba being an outcast from the kingdom.