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Narmes Titi (ナルメス・ティティ, Narumesu.Titi) is the ambassador of Heliohapt Kingdom.


In the manga
Ambassadors of the 7 Seas Alliance colored in Websunday Backstage Vol. 59
Narmes Titi colored
Young Narmes
Young Narmes in AoS

Narmes is a tall man with dark skin and long white hair. He has green eyes. Like most members of Heliohapt he has a snake jewelry, an armband on his right arm.



Narmes is from an high social status family of Heliohapt.


Balbadd Arc

Narmes Titi appears along with Sinbad, Parsine Pratemia and Imsisika to give his support to Alibaba Saluja in order to become the King of Balbadd. He stands silently the whole time.[1]




  1. Night 62-63


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