Morgiana vs Enshin is the fight between Morgiana, a Fanalis, and Enshin, the Kou Empire's Dungeon monster.


When Alibaba Saluja tries to go to Balbadd's Palace alone, he is stopped by numerous monkey-like monsters. Morgiana thinks that his task isn't fighting them, so she stands to fight in his place.


Morgiana kicks Enshin's mouth and knocks his teeth out. After a little chat with Alibaba, she scares monsters with her Battle Cry. She then jumps towards them, threatening them that she will use her real strength. Morgiana is then seen after giving a last kick to some opponents, which survived until the end, and defeating them with it.


Morgiana thinks it's all she can do with her strength alone. In her thoughts, she asks Alibaba to somehow be able to accomplish what he came here for.


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