Masrur vs Zurmudd is the fight between Masrur, one of Sindria's Eight Generals, and Zurmudd, a member of Al-Thamen.


When Morgiana is about to be killed by Zurmudd, Masrur saves her.


Masrur is enraged by Zurmudd, who said that he, Sharrkan and Yamraiha will end up like Morgiana; he throws him angrily using great force. Zurmudd stops himself from flying and declares that he won't lose when it comes to strength. He creates giant fist and says he will crush Masrur, but Masrur takes it and crushes it instead. After that, Zurmudd realizes that Masrur is angry because of Morgiana, who, as he thinks, is his sister. He decides to show him his Black Djinn Equip, Alf Al-Yad.

Zurmudd tries to catch Masrur and, probably, crush him, but the Fanalis dodges all his attacks. It amazes and annoys Zurmudd, so he multiples his arms, and is sure that even someone like Masrur wouldn't be able to dodge that kind of attack. He is soon proven wrong, when Masrur cuts off his hand. He then activates Bararaq Kauza, his Household Vessel, and cuts Zurmudd's body with his bare hand, and kills him.


Masrur can't move his body, so he has no choice but to leave the other opponents to his companions.


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