Magi Vol.1
Magi Blu Ray 1
Release Date January 30, 2013
Discs 2
Episodes 1, 2
Run Time 50 minutes
Cover Character(s) Aladdin
Alibaba Saluja
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Magi Vol.1 is the first Magi anime series DVD and Blu-ray.

Special Content

DVD Content 1
  • Event Ticket
  • Adventure of Sinbad
  • 3 stickers - Yunan
  • Jacket illustrated by the character designer Toshifumi Akai
  • 8 page booklet with cast interview - Kaori Ishihara (Aladdin)
  • Additional Disc:
    • Creditless Opening/Ending - V.I.P and Yubi Bōenkyō
    • Mahrajan Night Video
    • Audio commentary of Episode 1 by Kaori Ishihara, Yuki Kaji and Haruka Tomatsu


# Title
"Aladdin and Alibaba" (アラジンとアリババ, Arajin to Aribaba)
"Dungeon Suite" (迷宮(ダンジョン)組曲, Danjon Kumikyoku)


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