Kouga Clan vs Slave Traders is a fight between the members of the Kouga Clan and Slave Traders, who attacked them.


Aladdin comes back to the Kouga Clan only to find out that all of their women went missing. The Kouga Clan's members discover some trace of fighting and wheels. Aladdin tells them he saw a carriage going to the Kou Empire's military base, which makes them realise it's slave hunting. Baba orders the men to go and save the women at all cost.


The Kouga Clan's men are riding on horses and hold swords in each hand. To stop them, slave traders take bows and arrows and counter strike. They try to shoot them; however, their opponents are way to fast and no arrow can reach them. Dorji grabs one of the slave traders and wants to slash him, but he remembers Baba's words about a war which may occur if he killed Kou's soldier and hesitates. A slave trader takes this occasion and pulls Toya by her hair. Then, he places a sword close to her neck. Dorji tells him to die and hits him. However, he doesn't kill him. The fight ends with the victory of the Kouga Clan without a single victim.


The Kouga Clan's members return to Aladdin and Baba where they share their joy and tell them about the fight's outcome. Baba lights a will to protect their lives in their hearts.


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