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Kou Empire
Emblem | Location
Kou Empire Anime
Kanji 煌帝国
Rōmaji Kō Teikoku
Location Statistics
Capital Rakushou
Located In Far East
Controlled By Hakuryuu Ren
Gyokuen Ren (former)
Koutoku Ren (former)
Hakutoku Ren (former)
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 4 (mentioned)
Episode 5 (debut)

The Kou Empire (煌帝国, Kō Teikoku) is a large military nation, considered one of the most powerful in the current era because of the number of Dungeon Capturers and armies it controls. The capital is Rakushou. The empire is also described as very aggressive, using any reason to attack another nation.


Although it was just a small country in the Far East, Hakutoku Ren, managed to unify three neighbouring countries and founded the Kou Empire. It expanded into the central plains after borrowing power from the "oracle" Judar, who was brought there by Al-Thamen.

Imperial Family

Ren Brothers

Second Emperor's Sons

Haku Siblings

First Emperor's Children

The Ren household, which has ruled on the commoners for centuries[1], are the rulers of the Kou Empire.

Hakutoku Ren, the First Emperor, founded the empire. He had four children with his wife, Gyokuen Ren.

When Hakutoku Ren and two of his sons died during a revolt, his brother Koutoku Ren, who had ten children with at least three different women, became the Second Emperor, although at that time Hakuryuu Ren the youngest son of Hakutoku Ren his succession rights were superior to that of Koutoku Ren but because he was young and on the verge of life and death. The seat of the Second Emperor were given to Koutoku and then he adopted the remaining siblings. Soon after, Gyokuen married Koutoku and upon his death Gyokuen became the new Empress, as what was written on his will. She was later overthrown and killed by her son, Hakuryuu who took back what is rightfully his.

Family Tree

1st Emperor
2nd Emperor
Unknown Women
Unknown Woman
Unknown Woman
Unknown Woman
1st Prince
2nd Prince
3rd Prince
8th Princess
1st Princess
4th Emperor

Dungeon Capturers

Screen shot 2012-07-14 at 10.05.17 AM

Kou Empire's Dungeon Capturers

Six members of the Imperial Family are Dungeon Capturers and King Vessels. Five of them were invited by Judar to capture the dungeons that he summoned, excluding Hakuryuu, who was sent by Sinbad to the 61st dungeon, Zagan, in the Torran Village located near Sindria's territory.



Slavery is legal in the Kou Empire and in the countries under its government.[2] However, the slavery system is considered "humane", since slaves are freed after 5 years of service. Also, the mistreatment is prohibited by law.[3]

Political Marriage

Political marriage is a diplomatic union of two members of different royal or ruling families. The Second Emperor, Koutoku Ren, used his daughters to marry off rulers of different countries. One of it's traditions, wedding partners are not allowed to see each other before the wedding ceremony.


Al-Thamen is currently reside in the Kou Empire posing as Imperial Priests and their leader, Gyokuen Ren, became its Empress. Al-Thamen gain political power and influence in the Imperial Court, such as orchestrating the assassination of the First Emperor and his two eldest sons and later placing Gyokuen Ren as the Third Emperor following the death of the Second Emperor. However, Hakuryuu Ren and his army managed to overthrow them, killing Gyokuen Ren and enslaving the rest.


Kou&#039;s soldier costume

The Kou Empire is one of the world's superpowers. It takes advantage of its Dungeon Capturers to invade other countries. Recently, they have even acquired dungeon monsters for their army. They also possessed a powerful naval fleet for transporting troops.

Magicians are also employed within their ranks and are stationed in various locations, which they transmit communication through long-range Clairvoyance Magic. However, this was a highly classified secret.

Western Subjugation Army

The large and powerful expeditionary army, led by the General Commander and First Prince Kouen Ren, is bent on expanding the empire and aims to subjugate/invade the western world. The army and particularly its generals are extremely loyal to Kouen, to the extent that they are willing to fight Gyokuen Ren and Al-Thamen on his behalf for the throne. Currently, they were stationed at Balbadd.

Alongside Kouen are his brothers - Second Prince Koumei Ren, who serves as his advisor, and Third Prince Kouha Ren, who commands the vanguard - as well as General of the Left Kokuhyou Shuu and General of the Right Seiryuu Ri. Kouen has four powerful Household members under his command, each of whom can easily kill several Black Djinn.

The army is divided into corps and divisions, some led by members of the imperial family.

Third Alphine Division

The vanguard forces of the Western Subjugation Army led by the Third Prince, Kouha Ren. Many members of his forces are social outcasts, which makes them highly controversial within the Imperial Court. Some of the most prominent members are Meihou Kan, and three artificial magicians, Jinjin, Junjun and Reirei.

Northern Station Corps

Hakuei Household

Part of the Western Subjugation Army, led by First Princess Hakuei Ren, and stationed in the Northern Tenzan Plateau. Among Hakuei's ranks are her assistant and Household member, Seisyun Ri, and her former subordinate Ryosai, who almost overthrows Hakuei for the control of the army, until subdued by Aladdin and Ugo. After Hakuei subdues Ryosai's loyal forces, she recruits more than 100 members of the Kouga Clan, called the Kouga Household Corps. All of them are part of Hakuei Ren's Household and they use the power of Hakuei's Djinn, Paimon.[4]

Defense Corps

They are a seperate forces from the Western Subjugation Army, they defend the capital, Rakushou. They were wipe out by Hakuryuu Ren's army and the surviving forces fled to Baldbadd to join the Western Subjugation Army.



Huang is the paper money circulating within the Kou Empire and affiliated countries. The value of Huang changes constantly, so that items that only cost 1 Huang would require 2 Huang another day. The countries supplied with Huang become dependent on the Kou Empire and accumulate large debts.[5]


Kouga Arc

Sindria Arc

World Exploration Arc


Imperial Family

Name Rank Status
Hakutoku Ren First Emperor Deceased
Koutoku Ren Second Emperor Deceased
Gyokuen Ren Third Empress Deceased
Hakuryuu Ren Fourth Emperor Alive
Kouen Ren First Imperial Prince Alive
Koumei Ren Second Imperial Prince Alive
Kouha Ren Third Imperial Prince Alive
Hakuei Ren First Imperial Princess Alive
? Ren Imperial Princess Alive
? Ren Imperial Princess Alive
? Ren Imperial Princess Alive
? Ren Imperial Princess Alive
? Ren Imperial Princess Alive
Kourin Ren Imperial Princess Alive
Kougyoku Ren Eighth Imperial Princess Alive
Hakuyuu Ren Former First Imperial Prince Deceased
Hakuren Ren Former Second Imperial Prince Deceased


Name Rank Status
Judar Magi Alive
Markkio Unknown


Name Rank Status
Shou En Kouen's Household Member Alive
Seishuu Ri Kouen's Household Member Alive
Kin Gaku Kouen's Household Member Alive
Kokuton Shuu Kouen's Household Member Alive
Seiryuu Ri General of the Right Alive
Kokuhyou Shuu General of the Left Alive
Ryosai Former Temporary General Unknown
Dorji Cavalry Captain Alive
Bator Soldier Alive
Boyan Soldier Alive
Meihou Kan Soldier Alive
Meisai Soldier Deceased
Meishin Soldier Deceased
Mouketsu Soldier Deceased
Ryobun Soldier Deceased
Teishuu Soldier Deceased
Koushou Ka Soldier Deceased


Name Rank Status
Koubun Ka Assistant Alive
Seisyun Ri Assistant Alive
Chuu'un Assistant Alive
Junjun Assistant Alive
Jinjin Assistant Alive
Reirei Assistant Alive

Regular Citizens

Name Rank Status
Sai Lin Magician Alive, studying in Magnostadt
Toya Citizen Alive


Name Rank Status
Engi Deceased
Enshin Deceased
Entai Deceased


  • The Kou Empire displays many Imperial Chinese influences.
  • Five of the imperial princesses are currently unnamed. According to Gyokuen, they are all married, probably to leaders of other countries.[6]
  • There are apparently many dungeons within its territory, since Judar has a tendency to raise more than his fair share.
  • The empire's name, Kou (煌), is pronounced "Huáng" in Chinese (which is the Empire's paper money). It means Dazzling.
  • The names of the First Emperor and his children begin with Haku (白, Bái) meaning White, and the names of the Second Emperor and his children begin with Kou (紅, Hóng) meaning Red.
  • The imperial family's name, Ren (練), pronounced "Liàn" in Chinese, is not normally used as a surname, but rather applies to martial arts training.


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