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Humans (人間, Ningen) are a race that originated from Alma Torran and currently live in the new world created by Ugo. They were originally the weakest race in Alma Torran until they were given power by Ill Ilah. In the new world they are referred to as the Torran Tribe.


Torran Tribe

The Torran Tribe are the original humans from Alma Torran. When they were sent to the new world their appearance had no changes. The Torran Tribe have a painted marking on their forehead where the third eye would normally be.

Djinn Equip

When a human uses a Djinn Equip they under go a massive change in appearance. Each Djinn Equip has a unique appearance and will change the overall height, body weight and build of the body. However, whilst using a djinn equip some human traits are kept, such as facial features.


Humans originated in Alma Torran. They were considered the weakest out of all of the races.[1] They were on the verge of extinction from being hunted down and eaten by Ogres.[2] Humans fell to a low population of around 500 due to the hunting of their race. One day they were hiding underground to hide from the Ogres, they were found and were being slaughtered until Ill Ilah came down and killed all of the Ogres.[3] After killing the Ogres he brushed the humans with his hands. At this moment the humans decided to name their god Ilah. It is said that Ilah chose the humans to rule over Alma Torran to create peace amongst the species and stop the fighting between species. Ilah then shared a portion of his power with humans, granting them the ability to use magic. After receiving the power of Ilah, they chose to devote themselves to researching and amassing wisdom to stop the wars.[4]

Eventually a man named Solomon was born. He was recognised as the strongest and most magnificent magician. He became the king of Alma Torran and led his people.[5] Until eventually becoming god. After becoming god, Solomon took away the ability to use an unlimited supply of Magoi, and chose three people to become the Magi of Alma Torran. One of the Magi decided to betray her king with her displease of him becoming god and taking away free use of magic. This betrayal later led to the destruction of Alma Torran.[6]

Ugo, one of the Magi chosen by Solomon, created a new world that humans and all other races could live in.[7] After this world was created all other races, with the exception of a few who took on human forms and became part of the human race.[8]


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