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Hakuren Ren
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Biographical Information
Kanji 練 白蓮
Rōmaji Ren Hakuren
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 19 (deceased)
Gender Male
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Family Arba (ancestor)

Hakutoku Ren (father/deceased)
Gyokuen Ren (mother/deceased)
Koutoku Ren (uncle/deceased)
Hakuyuu Ren (brother/deceased)
Hakuei Ren (half-sister)
Hakuryuu Ren (half-brother)
Kouen Ren (cousin)
Koumei Ren (cousin)
Kouha Ren (cousin)
Five unnamed princesses (cousins)
Kourin Ren (cousin)
Kougyoku Ren (cousin)

Enemies Al-Thamen
Occupation Kou Empire Imperial Prince
Advisor to Hakuyuu Ren
Affiliation Kou Empire
Manga Debut Night 130 (flashback)
Anime Debut Episode 31 (debut)
Japanese VA
English VA
Cantonese VA
Korean VA

Hakuren Ren (練 白蓮, Ren Hakuren) was the former second Imperial Prince of the Kou Empire.


Haku Siblings
Hakuren with his siblings
1Haku brothers

He was a young man of average height and build, with coarse dark blue hair and slanted blue eyes. He had thin, split-ended eyebrows and a mole on his chin, in the same place as his siblings and their mother, Gyokuen, whom he most resembled[1]. He wore traditional clothes and tied his hair in a bun. 


He had a cheerful, bright, easygoing and honest personality.[1] He was also a power-hungry but big-hearted person.[2]


Hakuren was the second son of the First Emperor, Hakutoku, and the Empress, Gyokuen. He and his brother served their father fought in many wars.

Ten years before the start of the story, he and his brothers were caught in a large fire during a revolt set up by their own mother. He, his brother Hakuyuu, and their father were killed during this incident.


Pirates Arc

Hakuren's corpse

He is seen in Hakuryuu's memories. He is with his brothers, fighting against Al-Thamen in the palace, which has been set on fire. Hakuryuu asks Hakuyuu if their mother and Hakuei are alright, but Hakuyuu and Hakuren don't answer.[3] Hakuren is the first to die.[4]


Hakuren possessed a great military skills and experiences. He and his brother Hakuyuu inherited their father's severity and valour making him a potential Great King.



Hakuyuu Hakuren sketch

Hakuren and Hakuyuu's designs

  • His name means White Lotus.
  • "Hakuren" is the Japanese pronunciation; in Chinese, his name would be Báilián.
  • He was the advisor of his older brother, Hakuyuu.[1]


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