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Foraz Saiqa (流閃剣フォラーズ・サイカ Forāzu Saika, "Flowing Flash Sword") is the Household Vessel of Sharrkan. It gains its power from Sinbad's Djinn, Focalor. Once a slash is released, it remains for a few seconds, making the sword become an extensible whip which can be controlled at will. Since Sharrkan only has a small amount of Magoi, he can only use Foraz Saiqa for a few minutes a day.


Foraz Saika Diagram
Sharrkan's Attack
Foraz Saiqa in use


  • The name of this vessel is possibly a corruption of Arabic صاعِقة الفَرز Ṣā3iqa(t) Al-Farz, meaning "Lightning of Separation".


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