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Kanji ファナリス
Rōmaji Fanarisu
Additional Information
Homeland Dark Continent
Characteristics Red hair and eyes
Enhanced strength
Enhanced senses
Low Magoi
Manga Debut Night 4
Anime Debut Episode 1

The Fanalis (ファナリス, Fanarisu) are a hunting tribe from the Dark Continent. The Fanalis Corps of the Reim Empire is made up of only Fanalis. The Fanalis are the descendants of the Red Lions, a species from Alma Torran.


Fanalis Corps colored
Members of the Fanalis Corps
Fanalis' true form
Fanalis' true form

All Fanalis have red hair and eyes. Most Fanalis have a piercing under their lower lip.

The true form of a Fanalis is like a strange beast with a skin like steel and its color is a deep crimson red. This transformation happens to a Fanalis after passing the Great Rift and reaching the Fanalis' homeland.


Their physical strength and senses are way above that of a normal human. They can jump to extraordinary heights and even break metal. Their kicks are like lightning and they can even take down the mighty king of beasts in one blow. Fanalis that are "pure bloods" are stronger than those who are not. Due to their great physical strength, they have low quantities of Magoi (because of this, using Metal Vessels or Household Vessels often leave them paralyzed or close to death) but half bloods seem to have more Magoi than pure bloods. Their extraordinary abilities made the Fanalis very formidable and dangerous opponents that one should avoid encountering any of them..


Pure Blood

Name Status
Morgiana In Balbadd
Masrur In the Sindria Kingdom
Lo'lo' In the Reim Empire

Half Blood

Name Status
Muu Alexius In the Reim Empire
Myron Alexius In the Reim Empire


Name Status
Yaqut In the Reim Empire
Razol In the Reim Empire


  • The Fanalis people might be based on the real-life Berber people. This is supported by the fact that the Dark Continent which they hail from is based on Africa (specifically North Africa) and that the Fanalis (like the real-life Berbers) were often kidnapped and forced into slavery or forced to become soldiers. Their "wild" nature (or at least their perceived nature by other countries) parallels the Greek and Roman view of Berbers as barbarians. In addition, the Dark Continent is referred to as Cathargo, a reference to Carthage (see Dark Continent for further details).
  • According to Goltas, the Kouga Clan shared common ancestors with the Fanalis.
Fanalis Fighting Stance

Fighting Stance

  • Every shown Fanalis has had the same fighting stance.
  • The tribe name "Fanalis" might be derived from some sort of combination of the Modern Greek word Φανάρι Fanari, meaning "lantern", with the Arabic word فارِس Fāris [fem: فارِسة Fārisa(t)], which has the meanings of "Knight/Horseman/Keen-eyed person/One who kills a prey".

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