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Compress your Djinn's large powers into your own body and allow yourself to materialize as your own Djinn. That is basics of using a Djinn!!

—Sinbad, explaining the proper way to use a Djinn

Djinn Equip
Weapon | Full Body

Kougyoku Djinn Weapon

Kanji 魔装
Romaji Masō
First Appearance
Manga Debut Night 49
Anime Debut Episode 11

A Djinn Equip (魔装, Masō, "magic dress") is an ability of a Dungeon Capturer to take form of a Djinn.


To achieve a Djinn Equip, a Dungeon Capturer must use their Metal Vessel to allow oneself to become one with their Djinn. This is done by compressing the Djinn's power one their selves.


When you use Djinn Equip, you try to take the exact appearance of the Djinn. The user does not take the appearance of the Djinn in terms of personal features (facial features, body hair, etc) but rather the cloths, jewelry or even skin complexion (like gills or skin color). It seems a common trait with Full body Djinn equips is a third eye on the forehead.


Djinn Weapon Equip

This is for Dungeon Capturers who are not yet able to perform full Djinn Equip, or just want to use the Weapon Version. The user first surrounds the Metal Vessel with Magoi and compresses around it to form the Djinn's Weapon. Using this same principle to surround the body allows one to fully Djinn Equip. This is the proper way to use a Djinn's power, rather than just exploding the power outwards.

Extreme Magic

Extreme Magic is a skill that only masters of Djinn equip can use. It's a powerful and the Djinn equips ultimate technique that utilizes an incantation to fully summon.


Dark Djinn Equip

Dark Djinn Equip starts, most of the time, by the user stabbing themselves with their Dark Metal Vessels.


The users of Full Djinn Equip are:

The users of Dark Djinn Equip are:

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