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Dark Continent
Masrur on DC
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Manga Debut Night 143
Anime Debut Episode 35

The Dark Continent is a continent from where the Fanalis originated. It is the homeland of Morgiana and Masrur. One of its provinces is Cathargo (カタルゴ Katarugo), the reputed home of Fanalis. One can go there using ships from Balbadd. The side of the Dark Continent where the Fanalis live can only be reached by passing through the Great Rift.

Great Rift

The Great Rift got its name because sunlight doesn't reach into the Rift, even though it should. This hints that there is a magical presence in the Rift. The Rift is so wide that one side is not visible from the other. Inside the Rift, one must be prepared to depend on their hearing and smelling senses, as the Rift is dark and vast.


Pure Blood

Name Status
Morgiana In Balbadd
Masrur In Sindria
Lo'lo' In Reim

Half Blood

Name Status
Muu Alexius In Reim
Myron Alexius In Reim


Name Status
Yaqut In Reim
Razol In Reim


  • Cathargo is based on the real-life region of Carthage. Carthage's Japanese name, カルタゴ Karutago, is the same as the Dark Continent's, but with the two middle kana switched. In addition to this, there are four further supports to the connection with Carthage. First is that Cathargo is located south of Reim (just like Carthage is located south of Rome). Second is the phrase "Dark Continent" and its description as it can be seen as a reference to Africa and its savannas or deserts (the Sahara specifically). Third, the original inhabitant on real-life region of Carthage (and all of North Africa at the time) were Berbers. Berbers were considered barbarians by Greeks and Romans (in fact, the words Berber and Barbarian are related) and this is likely the inspiration for the "wild" nature that the Fanalis people are known for. Fourth, Berbers were often forcibly taken away to be sold as slaves or made into soldiers by other Medditeranian people (just like what happened to many of the Fanalis). Carthage was also conquered and destroyed by the Romans at the end of the Punic Wars, after the defeat of Hannibal.
  • According to Ugo, when he created the new world for the survivors of Alma Torran to seek refuge, he was unable to move the Red Lions and the Dragon of Origin directly. This was due to the fact that they were the two species of Alma Torran who were resistant to magic (in a manner similar to but stronger than that of the original humans magicians who would become the Torran Tribe). Consequentially, Ugo moved their home continent from Alma Torran to the southernmost tip of world and created the Dark Continent. This is the reason why the Fanalis retained their original form in their homeland. Another side effect was that the inhabitants of the continent retained their memories of Alma Torran.[1]


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