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Bhrol (ブロル Buroru) is a former Pirate and member of Umm Madaura's Crew. When the crew was captured, he, along with the rest of his companions, were sent to Sindria, where they currently reside.


Alibaba and his Household
Bhrol's new appearance colored with Alibaba and his Household



Nothing is known of Bhrol's history before he was collected and brainwashed by Umm Madaura in order to be part of her crew.


Pirates Arc

Second Balbadd Arc

Alma Torran Arc



During his time in Sindria, Bhrol was taught sword techniques by Sharrkan.

Magic Tools

Shallal Rasas (Water Bullet): This is a magic tool used by Umm Madaura's Crew. It uses Water Magic that releases a blast of water shaped like a bullet, which is capable of blasting people several feet away. It can be hidden to look as if it is a sword. It was modified to create a water sword.





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