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Barbarossa (バルバロッサ, Barubarossa) is a lieutenant of the Parthevia Empire, head of the Dragul family and Drakon's elder brother. He is one of Judar's King Vessels and a Dungeon Capturer, having captured two Dungeons.


Barbarossa Full
Full appearance
Barbarossa's face in the anime
Barbarossa's face in the anime
Barbarossa has short hair and bangs that cover his forehead and shadow his eyes. He has an earring on his right ear that looks similar to that of his younger brother, Drakon. His usual attire consists of his Parthevian military uniform, with metal armor and robes that cover his right shoulder.


While talking about his betrothal to his fiance Serendine Parthevia in one of Drakon's flashbacks, Barbarossa gives off a very cold and manipulative atmostphere. He has no qualms about telling Serendine directly that her father passed away, and allows his Household to attack his little brother Drakon and Serendine's handmaidens with any noticeable change in demeanor. Barbarossa does not care about Drakon at all and is willing to kill him in cold blood while using his Djinn Equip.

However, Barbarossa does show his respectful side to Judar, as he apologizes for causing a ruckus in his equip and waking Judar up because of his Rukh.



Adventure of Sinbad
The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.


Metal Vessel

  • Barbarossa's Metal Vessel
  • Barbossa activated his Metal Vessel
  • Barbarossa's Half Djinn Equip
  • Hadit Barad Iltehaq
  • Hadit Barad Iltehaq effect
  • Hadit Barad Iltehaq piercing Drakon

Glasya-Labolas is the Djinn of Slaughter and Arrogance, whom Barbarossa received after he captured the 25th Dungeon. The metal vessel for the Djinn is Barbarossa's poleaxe.

Spirit of Slaughter and Arrogance, In the name of my Magoi, and my will to grant me a greater power, I order you and your members. Glasya-Labolas

—Barbarossa, summoning the powers of Glasya-Labolas

Djinn Equip: Barbarossa can utilize half of his Djinn Equip form. When activating this ability, his armor melts and liquefies. He gains a robe and a rhakkhara. He is not able to use complete Djinn Equip, however, he is strong enough to defeat Drakon with ease. His magic type is unknown but related with steel.
  • Hadit Barad Iltehaq (Steel Sweep Scatter): Barbarossa uses the power of his Djinn to create huge steel bullets and fire them at the opponent. This attack was powerful enough to pierce through Drakon's dragon armor in many places.

He also has a second djinn not yet revealed, as he mentioned that he conquered a second dungeon to Sinbad during his visit in Parthevia with King Rashid.



He does not think highly of his little brother, being willing to write him off as dead when he went to capture Valefor's dungeon and never returned. He also held no qualms about performing his Djinn Equip and using it to attack Drakon. Most noticeably, he was very willing to kill Drakon with his Djinn Equip, showing little to no remorse while doing it.

Serendine Parthevia

He pretends to have a warm personality around the princess, prior to their wedding ceremony and treated her with kindness. Although later when he attacked Drakon, Serendine said she would null their marriage and would make sure her father heard of what had done, he showed his true colors. In reality, he only cares about Serendine as a tool for him to get to the Parthevian throne, making him king and her, his empress.


It is unknown whether Judar personally chose Barbarossa as his king candidate or happened to be in Parthevia at the time of the wedding ceremony. However, he treats Judar with respect as a Magi, even telling Judar he would stop using Djinn equip because it disturbed Judar's rest. Judar, for his part, affectionately refers to him as "Bar".


  • His name means "red beard" in Italian. This may refer to Frederick Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor from 1152 to 1190.