Amon (アモン, Amon) is the seventh Dungeon to appear. Amon was conquered by Alibaba Saluja and his prize for completing this Dungeon was the Djinn Amon. It was later collapsed by Judar. In the anime this dungeon is filled with fire related traps and creatures.


Amon appeared 10 years and one month ago. It is in the center of Qishan. 100,000 people went in and never returned which gave it the name, The Stair Way To Death.



Dungeon Arc


Inside Amon
The Center of Amon
The Labyrinth
Slime eggs
Bright Slime Eggs
Dragon Den
Dragon Den
Inside Amon 2
Inside the Inside of Amon
Amon appears
Amon appears
Amon leaves
Amon leaves


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