Amol Dherrsaiqa (アモンの轟炎剣 (アモール・ゼルサイカ), Amōru.Zerusaika, Amon's Roaring Flame Sword) is an attack Alibaba Saluja uses while in his Djinn Equip with his Djinn, Amon. After using Amon's Royal Sword, Alibaba summons and concentrates a large amount of flames around it. This turns it into a huge vortex of flames capable of incinerating everything it touches instantly. He uses this attack with Balbadd's Royal Swordplay.


Giving a power to the sword
Attacking Black Djinn
Amol Dherrsaiqa's attack
Destroying Black Djinn
Amol Dherrsaiqa
In the manga


  • The name of this magic is a corruption of the Arabic phrase صاعِقة ظِرّ الأَمَل Ṣā3iqa(t) Ẓirr Al-Amal, which means "Flint Lightning of Hope".


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