Alf Al-Yad (千手回転 (アルフ・アルヤッド), Arufu.Aru Yaddo, Thousand Hand Rotation) is Zurmudd's Dark Djinn Equip form. In this form, Zurmudd has only two huge hands. Anything caught between his hands is annihilated immediately, thanks to its explosive power. He uses Strength Magic to grow the two hands.


  • The name of this Equip form is a corruption of the Arabic phrase ألف ايادٍ Alf Ayaadin, which means "One Thousand Hands". The author incorrectly used the nonsensical ألف اليَد Alf Al-Yad, which literally means "Thousand of Hand (singular hand)" or "Thousand/Alf (as if a name) the Hand".


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