Aladdin & Alibaba vs Morgiana & Jamil is a fight between Aladdin, the traveler, Alibaba Saluja, Cart Driver, the Chief of Qishan, Jamil, and his slave, Morgiana.


Aladdin and Alibaba find Necropolis. As they search, they encounter Goltas's body, or so they think. Morgiana and Jamil appear soon after.


Morgiana kicks Aladdin and sends him flying. Jamil attempts to hit Alibaba with his sword, but he dodges it. Jamil is so scared that even Alibaba stops being coward and insults him. Jamil reassures himself that he's stronger than him and heads toward his legs, but Alibaba avoids it. Then, Jamil wants to cut his head, but Alibaba only asks if that's all, and hits Jamil's sword with his knife. Jamil gets angry and tries to hit him, but Alibaba dodges his attacks everytime. Finally, Alibaba takes Jamil's sword and cuts his side, which was left open. Then, he goes toward his neck and shoulder, but doesn't hit him. Then, he puts his knife beneath Jamil's neck. Jamil eventually runs away, terrified by Alibaba's skill, which are that of Royalty.

Mor defeated

After defeating Jamil, Alibaba checks where Morgiana is, and notices she's far away; he demands Jamil to hand him Aladdin's flute. However, Jamil orders Morgiana to come and save him, which she instantly does, almost kicking Alibaba and making him fall. Alibaba wants Morgiana to fight along him and pulls his hand out. She takes it but only to throw and hit him in the pillar. Alibaba is too weak to even stand, so Jamil takes the opportunity and kicks him. He then orders Morgiana to kill him. She hesitates, but finally decides to do it. As her sword is about to pierce Alibaba, Aladdin makes it disappear. He then shoots Magoi, with which he broke the wall, despite Morgiana's kicks. Realizing he is a Magi, Jamil wants Morgiana, whom he introduced as a Fanalis, to show him how strong she is. As she gets closer to him, he shoots Magoi straight into her and sends her flying. As she hits the pillar, he sticks her to it for a little longer.


Ala inj Ali

Aladdin walks over to Jamil and ask for his flute back. Jamil starts insisting that Aladdin will make him a king, telling him about his hard work and sacrifices and saying how amazing he is, but Aladdin responds that even though he doesn't know what Jamil is talking about, he can't think of anyone less deserving to be the king than him. Jamil falls into depression. Ignoring him, Aladdin comes to help Alibaba who is injured but amazed by Aladdin's abilities, and wants to know who Aladdin really is, but Aladdin quickly responds that he's his friend. Then the two of them continue their journey, searching for Amon.


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