Aladdin & Alibaba vs Desert Hyacinth is a fight between Aladdin, the traveler, Alibaba Saluja, the cart driver, and a Desert Hyacinth, which attacked Budel's cart.


The Desert Hyacinth attacks Budel's cart. Everyone tries to protect his wine, but he accidentally pushes Mina into the Hyacinth's mouth while trying to save his wine. Alibaba, in his thoughts, begs someone to save the girl. Budel orders him to collect the wine and proceeds to quiet Mina's mother. Alibaba becomes angry and punches Budel, thus deciding to fight the Hyacinth himself.


Sypnosis 1-2

Alibaba takes a barrel with wine and goes down to the Desert Hyacinth. He breaks the barrel, hoping that the Hyacinth will get drunk. He then holds Mina and gets her out of the hole, but is caught himself. He then tries to cut the Hyacinth's creepers with a knife, but gets hit from behind. Aladdin activates his Magic Turban and gets many of the barrels with wine in them and drops them into the Desert Hyacinth's mouth, despite Budel's protests, which ends the battle.


Both Aladdin and Alibaba are thanked for their bravery. One of the people who were on Budel's caravan is willing to pay Alibaba the compensation for the grape wine, but Alibaba declines, saying that smacking Budel was more worth than money and he can replace it himself.


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