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Al Sarmen
We are those that will continue to create darkness in this world, we, the community of the true nation, made by our father, as written in Al-Thamen’s agenda.

—Al-Thamen members speaking about themselves.

The Al-Thamen (アル・サーメン, Aru.Sāmen) is a mysterious shadowy organization whose goals is to cause chaos and darkness upon the world and its inhabitants. They were led by Gyokuen Ren, Empress of the Kou Empire and one of the former Magi from Alma Torran,


Sinbad doesn't know their real name, so he simply refers to them as "The Organization". Al-Thamen is an evil organization, bent on putting fate on the path to chaos. They do whatever it takes to bring a country to hatred and goes around creating Black Djinn to cause this hatred.

Gyokuen Ren stated that in order to destroy Solomon's will, the members of Al-Thamen changed into beings formed only by thoughts and came into the world Solomon created.[1]


The magicians of Al-Thamen were the members of Solomon's Resistance that sought to overthrow the Orthodox Government of David Jehoahaz Abraham. Though, after their family got killed by David and the Elders, and after Solomon replaced Ill Ilah, they all fell into disillusion. Then, one of the Magi, Arba, decided to assemble all the magicians who had strayed away from Solomon's will and together they formed the Eight-Pointed Star Fellowship, also known as Al-Thamen.


Al Sarmen1

Their goal is to raise the ‘Abnormalities of the World’. They want to continue creating darkness in the world, and to do that they need the help of the Black Rukh. They seem to want to take over various countries in order to further their goals. They want to set everything free from the prison that controls everything in this world, in other words from “destiny”. Destiny is an unavoidable rule leading to an end decided and imposed by another. The only way to escape from it and live on is by the process known as “Falling into Depravity”.

Aladdin said that they want to erase the world that King Solomon created (in which humans are now living), turning it into a world of chaos. To do that, they would use the power called "Dark Spot", a hole in the world created by a great quantity of black Magoi. From that hole, the incarnation of evil would appear and eat the white Rukh of the world.[2]

Black Rukh

This organization is able to use Black Rukh in order to fight. They use Black Rukh to power their Dark Metal Vessels, something only they are able to make through unknown means. They have also discovered the ability to create a Black Djinn incorporation with Magnostadt in the past.


Isnan Ball

Since the foundation of Al-Thamen goes back in Alma Torran, the majority of their prominent members are from that world, like Gyokuen, Falan or Ithnan.

The members of Al-Thamen born into the world that Solomon created all seem to have some history with a particular country that they are from. The organization's influences run deep into all kinds of different countries. All top members seem have a sadistic side and use Dark Metal Vessels. Strong ones are able to do a Dark Djinn Weapon Equip. The Magi Judar was taken in by them after they destroyed and killed his entire village along with his parents.

Al-Thamen's members live all around the world. They are actually clones who turn into a matryoshka doll after being defeated and will die only if their real body is killed. They exchange rukh with themselves to share information, making the majority of them spies.[3]

Name Status
Gyokuen Ren Deceased
Judar Unknown
Ithnan Deceased
Dunya Musta'sim Deceased
Isaac Deceased
Apollonius Deceased
Zurmudd Deceased
Byoln Deceased
Markkio Unknown
Falan Unknown
Wahid Deceased


  • The name of this organization is either a corruption of the Arabic word الثامن Ath-Thāmin (or without proper elision: Al-Thāmin), meaning "The Eighth", or the related Arabic word ثَمانِية Thamāniya(t), meaning "Eight", perhaps referring to their symbol (the 8-pointed sun and octagram), which is the same symbol that appears on the Metal Vessals (likely representing the eight types of magic). This is further supported by the fact that, at one point, they have been called the "Eight-Pointed Star" (八芳星, Hachibōsei). 
  • Ibn al-Thamen is the name of a poet from the One Thousand and One Nights, who cautioned that one should guard one's secrets.
  • Most members of Al-Thamen, except Gyokuen Ren, Judar and Isaac, have three red vertical dots on their foreheads. Gyokuen and the other members of Al-Thamen in Alma Torran received the three dots (replacing their unopened third eyes) after beginning the attack on Solomon and Sheba's faction.


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