Moon (月, Tsuki) is Night 33 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

Characters in bold denote the character's proper appearance.
Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


Magic in bold denotes the magic's first appearance.

No magic appeared in this chapter.


Rashid asks Sinbad to put on a theatre performance, shocking Sinbad. Sinbad thanks Rashid to help him register his company and that was good enough. Rashid responds that Sinbad lacks money to buy essential things such as a storefront and warehouse which is why a theatre performance can provide funds and this is more safe than fighting for money at coliseum. With Sinbad's popularity and gifted story telling, he can succeed rather easily.

Barkak and his friend tries to get Rashid to ride in a carriage out of concerns for his health. They note Rashid is enjoying himself.

Over in the seas, Ja'far complains about Rurumu's teachings and rather wants to stay in Reim. Rurumu argues that studying will help make Ja'far beneficial to his master. Then, she reveals she is pregnant. When Ja'far remarks Rurumu will treat her children differently because they are blood related, Rurumu smacks Ja'far on the head. Rurumu grits her teeth as she explains to Ja'far that he is wrong for assuming she is strict on Ja'far because of that. She then pats Ja'far on his head and tells him that he is her first precious child and that she loves him dearly. Ja'far is moved to tears with Rurumu's words.

Suddenly, Rurumu states she will give birth any time soon and explains that her tribe, children spend less time in their mother's womb compared to other tribes due to their bodies adapting to the cold, harsh climate. Before Ja'far runs away, Rurumu grabs him and starts to teach him, mid-wifery.


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